Just a year after our establishment, our business has seen phenomenal growth, largely due to our committed clientele. Our Gundam Extra community grows stronger and larger each day, continually enriched by new Gunpla hobbyists. Our unwavering dedication to superior service and meeting our customers' needs remains a driving force behind our success.

Possessing nearly thirty years of experience as a Gunpla builder, my home has become a veritable gallery of diverse Gundam models. I have experienced firsthand the challenges Asian enthusiasts encounter in securing their desired products. Such insights served as the inspiration behind this website - our mission being to offer a broad array of products and unrivalled service to Canada and the USA.

Having been a customer at almost every Gunpla store in Canada, I understand the needs of Gunpla builders intimately. This understanding was the catalyst for launching this webshop. We aspire to deliver top-notch service to Gunpla builders worldwide. Each order is packed with the care and attention we would give to our own kits. We make every effort to dispatch orders promptly upon receipt and take photographs of Gundam Safe orders, segregating them from our regular inventory.

We express our profound gratitude to all our website visitors, with special acknowledgment to our loyal customers. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in turning our passion into our profession and in elevating the quality of our store. We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide top-tier products and services. As we continue on this path of growth, we aim to augment our selection with additional products such as Premium Bandai kits, Resin parts, and exclusive tools.

Some Behind the Scenes