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(Pre-Order) ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga

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"Behold the way the Demon king of the Sixth Heaven, Nobunaga, lives, and engrave it into your very soul!"

From the popular smartphone game "Fate/Grand Order" comes a scale figure of the Avenger-class Servant Nobunaga in their first Ascension form. From their piercing gaze to fearless smile, the Demon king of the Sixth Heaven's overwhelming aura and charisma from the original illustration have been faithfully reproduced in figure form. Nobunaga's black hair and military uniform have been painted with reddish hues to give the impression of their hair and outfit being illuminated by surrounding flames. The added touch helps recreate the original scene of Nobunaga standing gallantly in a fire to provide an immersive experience.

The boots and sword sheath are painted with multiple layers of metallic paint to create a realistic dull metallic sheen.

Be sure to add the carefully sculpted and painted Nobunaga to your collection and enjoy admiring the Demon king of the Sixth Heaven from a variety of angles!

Painted plastic 1/7 scale complete product with stand included. Approximately 260mm in height.


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(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga
(Pre-Order)  ETA Q4 2025 - Avenger/Oda Nobunaga

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